COVID-19 and Contraband Detection

The COVID-19 pandemic has created health and management challenges in nearly every industry, especially those that involve frequent person-to-person contact.

Finding new ways to reduce personal contact while carrying out necessary tasks is a priority today as the country and world attempts to reduce the spread of this and other viruses.

Although masking, vaccinations, and social distancing can help considerably, the challenge is best dealt with in settings requiring security checks with full body scanning.

With touchless body scanning, security checks can be safer in many ways, including reducing the spread of viruses like COVID-19.

Helpful Improvements to Contraband Detection Technology

As contraband detection technology continues to improve, it is making its way into more correctional facilities and other places where quick and safe security checks are necessary.

Today’s more advanced full body scanning units make finding even the hardest to detect items like illegal substances easier, all without any physical contact.

Pat downs and other physical checks have been greatly reduced using high-definition body scanning, and with lower radiation loads delivered, scanners are safer than ever before.

Effect of COVID-19 on Need for Advanced Body Scanning Machines

Now, when adding the need to avoid physical contact to reduce the spread of viruses like COVID-19, these advanced body scanning machines have taken yet another step toward maintaining the safety of both the security personnel running the scanners and the inmates or others passing through them.

This important step has become one more necessary measure that facilities can take to ensure the safety of all people.

With Coronavirus and its new emerging variants continuing to be an issue that facilities of all types must continuously deal with, the market for newer and more advanced full body scanning units is growing exponentially.

In the past year alone, sales have increased substantially and market predictions expect sales in the U.S. alone to nearly double in the next 5 years, from $3.9 B in sales today to nearly $6B in 2026.

This is a very good indication that investing in this type of contraband detection technology today is not only recommended, but it seems to be the way the industry is moving to do its part in the fight against COVID-19.

A Look Back

Fortunately, with so much need and interest in more powerful, yet safe and efficient body scanning, the technology will continue to improve and become more economical.

For those facilities considering updating their full body scanning equipment to today’s safer, and more sensitive scanning machines there is now one more important reason to make that change now.

Massage Therapy – So Much More Than An Extravagant Luxury!

To many people, the idea of getting a massage sounds like an extravagant, occasional luxury.

In reality, it should be a part of a healthy lifestyle, especially for those dealing with many common discomforts and ailments.

Massage therapy may provide immediate feelings of physical relaxation, but it can do so much more for those who need it!

Here are just a few of the many ways that regular visits with a massage therapist can improve your health and enrich your life!

  • Resolve Body Strains and Soreness - Healing massage therapy to work out muscle knots, soothe sore joints, and improve blood flow and flexibility can make a sore body feel so much better. Body aches and pains, sore backs, tight muscles, and other physical problems can be resolved with regular massage to promote more comfort and faster self-healing.

  • Get Relief from Anxiety and Depression - Massage to lessen tension, reduce bodily discomfort, and increase oxygen levels has been shown to lessen anxiety while increasing the body’s production of oxytocin and other positive hormones. Many people feel less depressed and less anxious after a massage, making it a great holistic treatment for both.

  • Alleviate Headaches and Lower Blood Pressure - Another great thing about massage therapy is how producing feelings of physical and emotional relaxation can lower blood pressure as the body becomes calmer. It is a very effective treatment for tension headaches and overall tension, leaving the body in a calmer, more relaxed state.

  • Improve Sleep and Overall Health - With all these other great benefits, a regular schedule of therapeutic massage can help you sleep better, too. And with better sleep, less stress and anxiety, lower depression, and a more relaxed body, overall health and immune function is improved, too.

  • Non-Invasive, Non-Medicinal Treatment - Best of all, regular visits to a massage therapist offers all of these health benefits gently, and without medication. It is the perfect accompaniment to other procedures and treatments when approved by a doctor and increases relief in a holistic, non-invasive way.

Therapeutic massage is a wonderful thing to do for yourself as well as your health and wellbeing, to keep you feeling great and healing naturally.

Hopefully, it is easy to see how getting a massage can do much more than make you feel like you’ve splurged on yourself.

It can make you physically feel like a million bucks, too. Let a trained massage therapist help you feel your best today!

How Full Body Scanners Help Detect Contraband

Full body scanners are the most effective, safe, and humane methods for keeping prisons safe from all the contraband that inmates and others may try to bring through the doors.

While this technology accurately detects most contraband today, it also works as a deterrent as scanners can be used to establish probable cause.

More people now understand that the more advanced full body scanners for corrections facilities are almost fool-proof.

With the risk of being charged with another crime at stake if contraband is detected, inmates and their accomplices are less willing to actually try bringing in drugs, weapons, and other prohibited items.

How Is Probably Cause Used?

In terms of full body security scanning, probably cause is the act of finding a suspicious area on the scan that requires further investigation.

Anomalies on scans, whether they appear to be on the body or within it, require additional searches, from pat downs to cavity searches.

Of course, facilities want to minimize the need to go through the effort of obtaining a search warrant to do a cavity search or even take an inmate to the hospital to have contraband medically removed, so accurate scanning is a must.

The Value of Accurate Full Body Scanners

The more accurate a full body scanner is and the greater its capability is to differentiate between bone, organs, and tissue versus other materials and substances, the fewer warrants and searches are required.

With this improved capacity to interpret different materials and substances, today’s advanced scanners for corrections facilities are so accurate, most people avoid even trying to bring in contraband.

That said, when a scan does reveal an anomaly or find something of suspect inside the body, the accuracy that it is actually contraband and not just a non-identifiable part of the body is high.

Smuggling Attempts Can Be Nearly Eliminated

Though security at prison facilities find that most inmates try to smuggle in prohibited items for personal use or barter, some do still attempt to bring in weapons even with full body scanners and with the threat of felony charges.

Drugs, cigarettes, and marijuana are the most frequently discovered contraband, but pocket knives and other items that can cause bodily harm continue to be found.

It is critical for the safety of every person at these facilities that these items be detected through high-accuracy scanning and the person searched to confiscate that contraband.

Today’s leading full body scanners for corrections facilities can now find those items more easily and more precisely establish the probable cause reasoning to do additional searches.

The Benefits of Body Scanners for Prisons

The use of x-ray body scanners as security devices has increased significantly in recent years, due mainly to their effectiveness, their safety, and how easy they are operated.

These features make body scanning especially useful in prisons where having the ability to do security checks quickly is paramount.

As body scanner technology continues to improve, their ability to detect contraband in prison settings improves with it, making it easier for these facilities to maintain the security and safety of all prisoners, staff, and visitors.

Safety vs Detection

A prime feature of using body scanners in prisons is the degree of safety they provide.

What used to require physical pat-down, strip searches, cavity searches, and less accurate wand scans to check for weapons, drugs, and other prohibited items can now be accomplished in just a few seconds without physical contact.

By merely walking slowly through the scanner, hidden items on a person can be easily seen on the scanner screen by security personnel.

Anyone shown to have a suspicious item on them can then be taken aside for a physical pat-down in the same manner that it is done at airport security checkpoints.

Full Body Scanners Are Safe

With regard to concerns about health safety and repeated exposure to non-medical x-rays while walking through body scanners every day, today’s technologically advanced full-body scanners are considered safe.

Cumulative dosages fall well below the recommended limit documented by The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP, USA).

Many units even record cumulative doses on a per person basis using ID numbers, fingerprints, or other identification so that everyone walking through the scanner multiple times can be closely monitored.

Human Rights Issues

Human rights violations are another concern when physical searches are conducted in prisons.

Fortunately, full-body scanning using the latest technology alleviates that problem and the potential legal issues that it can bring.

By providing accurate imaging that can be used to single out only those individuals found with suspicious items for further inspection, personal privacy is respected at all times unless an actual threat exists.

In Summary

Detecting contraband in prisons continues to be a challenge today, one that requires more sophisticated methods to address.

The introduction of body scanning at prison facilities has turned that all around.

Body scanners screen for contraband in a way that is not just efficient in high-speed environments where many people must be scanned quickly but is also safe and protects personal privacy.

Body scanning is an ideal solution for prisons and other similar facilities where security is critical.

What is DevOps and How Is It Used?

DevOps refers to the collaboration between cultural philosophies, resources, and practices to improve the software development and deployment process.

Organizations that take advantage of DevOps deliver applications at a faster rate than organizations still stuck with the traditional software development and management tools.

Improving the software development and deployment process allows customers to serve their clients better and gain an advantage over the competitors.

The term DevOps is derived from two words, development and operations.

To put it into perspective, DevOps refers to the process of combining software development and IT infrastructure with enhanced communication.

How Does DevOps Differ From Traditional IT?

Now that you know what DevOps is, let us compare it to the traditional software development process:

DevOps versus The Traditional Process

The traditional process can lead to reduced visibility of infrastructure requirements since the development and operations teamwork differently.

DevOps leads to improved visibility of network requirement since the operation and development team will work together after placing an order for new servers.

This process allows for easier predictions about redundancy, failover, locations, data centers, and storage requirements since the developers work together with the operation team.

In accurate data about data centers, redundancy, storage needs, failover, and locations since developers are not involved in the process.

Both teams work together to develop a realistic and functional monitoring plan that is in line with the business and IT needs.

The teams can also use advance Application Performance Tools to enhance service delivery.

The operations team will be part of the process and will have to develop a monitoring plan based on their IT knowledge.

The software can be released on time since load testing becomes easy.

Delayed load testing can slow down the software development and deployment process.

How is DevOps Used?

Agile Development teams can take advantage of DevOps to utilize continuous integration and continuous delivery to hasten the software development and deployment process.

DevOps is also preferred due to its reproducibility, predictability, resiliency, maintainability, and cost efficiency.

DevOps also reduced the time to market by 50%.

Keep reading to discover how DevOps is used.

Moreover, it improves collaboration and security.

Commercial software developers should use DevOps. It is also the best software development and deployment process for commercial applications stored on cloud platforms. However, it is not the best solution for sensitive data sites, including banks and power. Applications developed using this process need tough access controls.

Understanding the DevOps Software Release Process

Learning more about the DevOps lifecycle is the key to understanding its basics. Keep reading to understand the DevOps software release process:

  • Development - The process begin with the development of the software. Developers divide the process into small cycles to speed up the process.
  • Testing - Various software testing tools are used to test the product and fix all bugs.
  • Integration - New functions are added and tested during this stage. This process is possible due to continuous integration and testing.
  • Deployment - The software can be deployed at this stage. New functions can still be added without affecting the application.
  • Monitoring - The operation team will monitor the software to identify bugs.


Photography is the practice of developing durable images of objects, people or features by use of an image sensor, chemically or electronically. Photography entails focusing a camera lens to the emitted or reflected light from an object into a real image during a timed exposure. The result of this process is an invisible latent image, which is then developed into a visible image, either positive or negative.
Photography is applied in many fields, which include mass communication, hobbies, film and video production, art and recreational purposes. Click here. 

As an art, science or practice, photography has a lot of benefits. To begin with, photography can be a source of employment. Through the covering events such as weddings, parties one can actually get a tidy pay. Alternatively, one can make documentaries or write books based on photography and sell. The beauty with this type of employment is that it is very flexible. There are also those who pursue photography as a hobby. For such people, photography offers creative fulfillment and thus a very effective activity in passing away free time. Learn more here. 

Through photography, one has the opportunity of meeting new friends. Such friends cut across various professional divides, races, creeds and geographical boundaries. Some of these new friends turn out to very reliable clients, or even essential contacts in future. But that is not all. Photography is actually fun. The practice offers one the opportunity to travel and explore new places, appreciate historic sites, marvel at nature's beauty across continents and interact with various cultures, all in one go. To cap it all, photography is informative as much as it is inspirational. Read more. 

The 'downside' of photography, though, is that it keeps fresh painful memories of the past. Photos and videos of horrific accidents, cataclysmic events and deadly acts of terror can be preserved for centuries. The painful memories aside, photography is vital in bringing to light of acts violence and brutality. These revelations serves to awaken the responsible authorities into taking the necessary actions to put an end to these acts of lawlessness and cool the public outrage. Visit site. 

Following are the five reasons to choose a photography workshop

Generate Enthusiasm and Motivates You

A photography workshop encourages you and excites your passion for picture taking. It will excite you to hold your camera and, along with other like-minded people, move into the extreme soul of photographic creativeness in an intense as well as enormously enriching way. 

Like Minded People, with Common Interests

There are several people, who are enthusiastic about photography. In their desire to gain knowledge and discover, they don't mind traveling long distances to explore photographic collections, buy a lot of books and undoubtedly take part in discussions and take pictures all through the year. However, for a few people, motivation and enthusiasm are difficult to generate.

The advantage of going for photography classes is that you can totally concentrate on your photography! You're free to enjoy and engross yourself in photography completely with like minded people. 

Professional Guidance on Hand

What's important in photography workshops is that trainers ensure every customer has all the help and assistance they require. For some, there is a lot of photography learning to do, for others improvements in present skills and developing their individual style is required.

A good trainer will make sure everybody gets precisely the level of help they need and is ready to offer help when required.

Chance to learn from a thorough Professional and Create your Individual Style

In photography classes, there is a good opportunity to create your special individual style via experimentation under the helpful guidance of the trainer. Once the specialized skills are learned, you are free to expand creatively, exploring things in a different manner.
There might be a lot of photographers whose work you look up to, however, take the time to create your individual style as well as vision. Because of a complete immersion experience, your imaginative antennae turns out to be more intense. 

Technical help - Exposures, Placements, Filters, etc

A lot many times the camera and its mechanism can puzzle photographers. Several people might have temporary memory loss as to what function does what on the camera. However, the learning, as well as developing techniques of picture taking, are dependent on day-to-day practice.

Therefore, photography courses in India are the perfect chance to let both technique and creative constitution to flourish.

Workshops provide you a chance to find out about right exposure as well as filtration which help and support to make the image 'in camera.' - which is where the center and core of fine constitution is to be seen by that lessening the requirement for any salvaging' of the image, making use of imaging software. 

How to Identify Quality Sewing Machines

 If you are interested in learning how to identify quality sewing machines, you will find that this guide is extremely helpful. Shopping for sewing equipment may prove to be quite challenging. To ensure that you purchase a machine that is best suited to your individual needs, it is important to make sure that you consider your general expertise level and the types of sewing projects that you enjoy doing. This will help you to determine if you require features that are appropriate for beginners, or if you require features that are best suited for individuals with a higher level of expertise. Once you have made this determination, it is time to learn the steps that are involved in identifying sewing machines. In this guide, you will be introduced to important purchasing considerations that should be made before making an investment in this type of sewing equipment. Sewing Machines

The first step to identifying sewing machines is known and understand the technical features associated with the products. The technical aspects of a sewing machine - such as the features of the unit as well as the maintenance required - are important in determining if the model will be appropriate for your individual needs. It is important to understand that true quality does not rest in what the sewing equipment is made up of, the number of features that it has, or the price associated with the unit. True quality rests with the product's ability to provide you with the tools that you need to perform the tasks that you are interested in performing. If the sewing machines that you are reviewing have the capability to do this, then those are the sewing machines that you should choose from. Sewing Machine Supplies

There are typically two main types of sewing machines. One is identified as the "Electronic" machine, and one is identified as the "Manual" model. The electronic sewing machine often includes many different features and accessories. Whereas the manual models are typically basic in that, the features are limited. If you are the individual that enjoys simplicity or only uses a couple of stitches when sewing, you will likely find that manual sewing machines are the highest quality sewing machines on the market. If you are individual that has the time to sew for long periods, enjoys creating a multitude of projects and enjoys a challenge, you may enjoy an electronic sewing machine. While both the manual and electronic sewing machine models are considered to be sewing machines, the type that you choose will be based on your personal preferences. Computerized Sewing Machines

If you are shopping for sewing machines, it is important to determine how the machine may benefit you as an individual and if you are comfortable with the features included with the model. If you can discover sewing equipment that has all of the features that you desire and need, it is likely that the product is the best quality machine that you can choose for your needs. While it is true that you have the capability to search for reviews from other consumers on certain products, it is important to understand that each consumer has their unique needs and preferences when it comes to sewing equipment. Finding the best sewing machines for your personal needs and preferences is a task that you must indulge in so that you can find a product that best suits you as a person. Sewing Machines

How to Choose the Right Online Photography School

A photography career requires more than a good eye and skills with a camera; good photographers must have a drive, technical know-how, creativity, and business sense. But before you apply to that online photography college, here are some hints to help you get started and eventually reach your goals. Photography

-Know Your Photography School Goals

What kind of photography do you want to practice? Are you interested in photojournalism, family portraiture, commercial photography, or special event photography? Knowing your career goals can help you narrow down programs and figure out the amount of time you can expect to spend in photography school. 

-Know Yourself

Contrary to romantic images of photographers easily snapping instantly-beautiful photographs with excellent balance and proportion, a successful photography career requires a variety of skills, many of which you'll want to develop during your course of study:

• Technical expertise
• A right eye
• Creativity
• Stamina
• Good business sense

-Photo Editing

Photo editing is a complicated process these days, especially when you click pictures in RAW format. Photographers click pictures in RAW format so that they can make sure corrections without losing the quality. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not necessary to click pictures in RAW to restore quality. High-quality JPEG formats are also very efficient these days. There is a limit for corrections allowed in photographs, and you should always be within the boundaries. Right editing techniques can help you to enhance the visual appeal of each image, thus learning editing techniques are essential. 

-Know Your Online Photography Schools

Not all online schools are equal! Infamous diploma mills often offer degrees that can be bought at a price, sometimes involving little to no work on the part of the student and, accordingly, little to no acquisition of knowledge. Photographers

-Know Your Financial Aid
There are scholarships based on your primary, state, ethnicity, need, gender, career goals or even your parents' jobs

Once you've done the homework, you'll be better equipped for studying successfully at photography schools online.