Improve Your Health With Massage Therapy!

Most people understand that getting a massage can do things like alleviate tension, reduce a headache, lessen anxiety and depression, or even help the body recover from an injury.

What you may not know, however, is that massage therapy can boost your immune system, too.

A session with a massage therapist is not only great for helping when our bodies are not functioning correctly, but it can also help us stay healthy, too!

Massage and Lowered Cortisol

As massage has become more popular as a non-invasive, gentle therapy to help many different problems, a connection between immune function and massage has been made.

Research now shows us that massage therapy promotes good health in various ways.

Relaxation massage helps to lower cortisol levels in the body by relieving tension, anxiety, and blood pressure. Lower cortisol means the immune system can work more efficiently, without being suppressed by that cortisol.

Massage Improves Circulation

Massage therapy performed by a trained, experienced practitioner can also improve immune function by improving circulation, which results in higher oxygenation in the blood. Higher oxygen levels are also associated with self-healing.

Boosted circulation attained through massage also activates the body’s white blood cells, which can move more freely through the body to prevent illness and promote self-healing even more.

Massage Part of Overall Achieving Good Health

Acknowledging all of this, it is no wonder that a regular session with a massage therapist can be instrumental in staying healthy, especially in times when we are all so worried about our health.

Eating well, taking high-quality vitamins supplements, and getting exercise are all important parts of achieving and maintaining one’s health.

Routine massage therapy should be on that list for most people, too, for the different ways that this gentle manipulation of tissues helps the body do what it is capable of doing.

Massage Is Good For Many Reasons

If you are looking for a holistic means of staying healthy, adding massage to your regime is a great idea.

Discuss it with your doctor first to make sure there is no reason why you should not get a massage, then schedule an appointment with a massage therapist.

You can discuss your health goals and issues with the therapist first, then relax and enjoy the treatment while it happens and then afterward with good health.

As simple as getting a massage may seem, those who incorporate it into their health regimes can attest just how good they feel physically and mentally, and how it helps them stay healthy through stressful times.