Hiring Movers? Avoid These Common Mistakes!

Finding a reputable moving service to handle a residential move can be challenging.

Moving company services are expensive, so it is understandable that people want to spend as little as possible on their movers; however, there is much more to finding a trustable moving service than just their price.

Use these tips to find hardworking, professional movers who can be trusted to relocate personal belongings without the issues that can come when hiring the wrong ones!

  • Don’t Choose Based On Who Gives the Lowest Estimate - Moving company services are one instance where lower prices can sometimes mean poor service from movers who are not professionals. Avoid those seeking only to undercut other movers just to get a job by reviewing these other points below first, then judging whether the company seems reliable. 
  • Research with the BBB – Look forr moving services with many complaints and a bad reputation on the Better Business Bureau website. See what other customers are saying there, as well as on the company’s online business directory listings like Yelp! and Google My Business. 
  • Discuss Moving Large, Heavy, or Fragile Items - When getting estimates, be sure to mention items that could be difficult to move, as moving companies services must plan ahead on how to move them and additional fees might also be involved. Know ahead of time that a mover is capable of moving difficult or fragile items and what the options are if they can’t or if something gets broken. 
  • Ask About Extra Charges - Speaking of extra charges, be sure to get a written moving estimate, then confirm how they charge for mover help, fuel, mileage, packing, and all other expenses that are rolled into their services. Ask them to identify any added or hidden charges that may show up on the bill and how weight or time overages are charged so there are no surprises at the end. 
  • Fully Understanding How Breakage is Covered - Discuss moving insurance with the company and how theirs works. Confirm what is covered and for how much and if necessary, take out additional moving insurance. Many companies insure based on weight and that can leave customers with great losses if small but expensive items end up damaged.

The main problems that customers have with moving services usually revolve around assumptions made and them not asking movers enough questions.

Avoid these mistakes when hiring a moving service and learn which ones are the most suited for the job, regardless of their prices.

Once professionalism, capability, and good business practices are established, price considerations can come afterward.