Don’t Let Holiday Stress Get You Down – Get A Massage!

The holidays are here and with all the challenges we are facing these days in our personal and professional lives, stress can run high for some people.

A tension relieving relaxation massage can help!

Overlooking Yourself at Christmas?

Between all the planning of holiday meals, all that shopping for the perfect gifts, and all the preparation that goes into special meals and get-togethers with family and friends, there is one person who tends to get left out of all of that - you!

Instead of forgetting about taking care of yourself while running ragged to care for everyone else, there is no better time than during the holidays to treat yourself to a little healing massage therapy.

A few minutes of treatment under the hands of an experienced massage therapist can do wonders for you, helping you keep up during this busy time of year.

All Sorts of Massage Types to Fit Your Needs

There are different types of massage you can try for promoting relaxation, too.

If tension, low-grade anxiety, or even stress headaches are an issue, a general body massage can loosen your muscles, relieve knots, and get your blood flowing better with more oxygen to relieve much of that.

The addition of hot stones to your massage, which act to soothe and loosen tight muscles and ease soft tissue aches, are another possibility.

A massage that includes aromatherapy using fragrant essential oils is another perfect solution to relieve stress and promote calmness and relaxation in the body and the mind.

Consider A Regular Massage Routine

If you have never tried a massage before, you may be surprised at just how effective massage therapy can be.

Regular visits to see a massage therapist are a great way to get through busy, stressful times when we find ourselves exhausted from trying to get everything on our tasks lists done in the day.

Fortunately, you can benefit from this holistic, pleasing therapy in as little as an hour in between errands or on a lunch break.

Treat Yourself – and Those You Love to a Great Massage!

As much as we may love the holiday season, there is no arguing the fact that these weeks can be downright exhausting to us, physically and mentally.

This season, treat yourself to a much needed massage while attempting to get all your holiday preparations done so you can remain relaxed, refreshed, and in control.

While you’re at it, pick up a few gift cards for your loved ones who will also appreciate the gift of massage therapy and that’s one less gift idea you’ll have to worry about!


Improve Your Health With Massage Therapy!

Most people understand that getting a massage can do things like alleviate tension, reduce a headache, lessen anxiety and depression, or even help the body recover from an injury.

What you may not know, however, is that massage therapy can boost your immune system, too.

A session with a massage therapist is not only great for helping when our bodies are not functioning correctly, but it can also help us stay healthy, too!

Massage and Lowered Cortisol

As massage has become more popular as a non-invasive, gentle therapy to help many different problems, a connection between immune function and massage has been made.

Research now shows us that massage therapy promotes good health in various ways.

Relaxation massage helps to lower cortisol levels in the body by relieving tension, anxiety, and blood pressure. Lower cortisol means the immune system can work more efficiently, without being suppressed by that cortisol.

Massage Improves Circulation

Massage therapy performed by a trained, experienced practitioner can also improve immune function by improving circulation, which results in higher oxygenation in the blood. Higher oxygen levels are also associated with self-healing.

Boosted circulation attained through massage also activates the body’s white blood cells, which can move more freely through the body to prevent illness and promote self-healing even more.

Massage Part of Overall Achieving Good Health

Acknowledging all of this, it is no wonder that a regular session with a massage therapist can be instrumental in staying healthy, especially in times when we are all so worried about our health.

Eating well, taking high-quality vitamins supplements, and getting exercise are all important parts of achieving and maintaining one’s health.

Routine massage therapy should be on that list for most people, too, for the different ways that this gentle manipulation of tissues helps the body do what it is capable of doing.

Massage Is Good For Many Reasons

If you are looking for a holistic means of staying healthy, adding massage to your regime is a great idea.

Discuss it with your doctor first to make sure there is no reason why you should not get a massage, then schedule an appointment with a massage therapist.

You can discuss your health goals and issues with the therapist first, then relax and enjoy the treatment while it happens and then afterward with good health.

As simple as getting a massage may seem, those who incorporate it into their health regimes can attest just how good they feel physically and mentally, and how it helps them stay healthy through stressful times.

Massage Therapy – So Much More Than An Extravagant Luxury!

To many people, the idea of getting a massage sounds like an extravagant, occasional luxury.

In reality, it should be a part of a healthy lifestyle, especially for those dealing with many common discomforts and ailments.

Massage therapy may provide immediate feelings of physical relaxation, but it can do so much more for those who need it!

Here are just a few of the many ways that regular visits with a massage therapist can improve your health and enrich your life!

  • Resolve Body Strains and Soreness - Healing massage therapy to work out muscle knots, soothe sore joints, and improve blood flow and flexibility can make a sore body feel so much better. Body aches and pains, sore backs, tight muscles, and other physical problems can be resolved with regular massage to promote more comfort and faster self-healing.

  • Get Relief from Anxiety and Depression - Massage to lessen tension, reduce bodily discomfort, and increase oxygen levels has been shown to lessen anxiety while increasing the body’s production of oxytocin and other positive hormones. Many people feel less depressed and less anxious after a massage, making it a great holistic treatment for both.

  • Alleviate Headaches and Lower Blood Pressure - Another great thing about massage therapy is how producing feelings of physical and emotional relaxation can lower blood pressure as the body becomes calmer. It is a very effective treatment for tension headaches and overall tension, leaving the body in a calmer, more relaxed state.

  • Improve Sleep and Overall Health - With all these other great benefits, a regular schedule of therapeutic massage can help you sleep better, too. And with better sleep, less stress and anxiety, lower depression, and a more relaxed body, overall health and immune function is improved, too.

  • Non-Invasive, Non-Medicinal Treatment - Best of all, regular visits to a massage therapist offers all of these health benefits gently, and without medication. It is the perfect accompaniment to other procedures and treatments when approved by a doctor and increases relief in a holistic, non-invasive way.

Therapeutic massage is a wonderful thing to do for yourself as well as your health and wellbeing, to keep you feeling great and healing naturally.

Hopefully, it is easy to see how getting a massage can do much more than make you feel like you’ve splurged on yourself.

It can make you physically feel like a million bucks, too. Let a trained massage therapist help you feel your best today!