What Does Full Service Moving Include?

Of all the things that people dislike the most, moving has to be right up at the top of most people’s list.

Thankfully, there are full service moving companies that can make that difficult time a lot easier to deal with.

Before contracting a move with full service movers, it is important that customers understand the extent of those services so they know what to expect.

What To Expect From Full Service Moving Companies

Though not every full service moving service is exactly the same in the services they provide, customers paying for a full service move can generally expect the movers to take care of all of these things for them:

  • Packing Materials and Supplies - All boxes, paper, padding, tape, and moving blankets are included in a full-service move, saving customers potentially hundreds of dollars on those materials.
  • Disassemble Furniture and Pack All Belongings - Movers will take apart any items that must be disassembled for transport, then carefully wrap and pack all personal belongings throughout the entire home.
  • Load and Unload The Truck - Full service moving service includes all loading and unloading of the truck so there is no need for anyone other than the movers to lift a thing.
  • Transport All Belongings - All belongings loaded into the truck will be transported to the pre-determined location for unpacking.
  • Unpack Belongings and Reassemble Furniture - After arrival and unloading of the truck, full service movers will then unpack belongings and reassemble the items that were disassembled for the move.
  • Dispose of All Packing Materials - After unpacking, all packing materials and boxes will be gathered and removed from the new home, leaving no need to dispose of anything once they are gone. Customers can get right to setting up their new homes without the mess of boxes, paper, and padding everywhere.

Now You're Ready For A Full Service Moving Service!

Scheduling a move with full service moving companies will cost more than DIY moving or even pack-your-own services, but it can be a great option for many.

Whether a customer cannot pack their things on their own, does not have the time to do it, or simply does not want to deal with the headaches, full service movers are the best option to get it all done without the hassle.

And where shipment insurance is concerned, most full service moving services offer better insurance coverage when they do the packing themselves.

In terms of time, effort, and even protection of personal property, contracting experienced full service movers can make moving house less of an ordeal!