5 Tips for Preparing Pets for Moving Day!

the heavy work.

It can be even more challenging when there are family pets involved, as all the movement and the strange people working in the house can be exceptionally stressful to them.

To accomplish moves with pets without the drama, these are 5 ideas suggested by home moving services to keep pets safe throughout the process so they can enjoy their new home once the move is complete.

  1. Make A Plan Ahead of Time - Regardless of which of the following tips are used, always start off with a plan of what to do with pets so there is no confusion once home moving services arrive. Avoid excitement, accidental bites, and other problems by having a plan for containing pets and limiting their exposure to the noise and activity that could cause them a great deal of stress.
  2. Contain Small Pets To Pet Carriers - One way to keep pets out of the way when movers are packing or unpacking the house and moving boxes in and out is to contain them in a pet carrier or animal crate. Purchase a large enough one ahead of time if one is not already available and put the pet in before the movers arrive with a blanket and some water plus a litter box for cats.
  3. Remove Pets While Movers Are There - Depending on the animal and how skittish it is, a better option while moving might be to remove it from the house by putting it in a safely enclosed yard or pen or bringing it to the home of a family member, friend, or neighbor who can keep an eye on it while home moving services work.
  4. Board Pets For A few Days - Another option when removing the pet from the home is most ideal is to simply board the animal(s) out for a day or two while all the moving activity of packing/unpacking and loading/unloading are happening.
  5. Restrict Pets To One Room - If all else fails and there are no other options, clear out one small room first or empty a bathroom, then contain pets exclusively in that room during the move.

Keeping pets under control and out of the way during moves is critical to the safety of the pets, the movers, and everyone else present.

Make a plan for moving day as to how family pets should be handled before the movers actually get there so there are no unfortunate accidents or heartbreaking pet escapes and the move goes well!